Updated: 8/4/2022 | 5:22:40 PM

The topic of Hanoi Young Business Association's (HanoiBA) Site Visit Program No. 01/2022, held in conjunction with Hoa Binh Minh Group on April 15, 2022 at the Group's Viet Tri Office, will be " System Growth and Development for SME Businesses."

Since its establishment in 1994, HanoiBA has grown into a hub for interacting, sharing experiences, and collaborating for business development in Hanoi city. Site Visit is included in HanoiBA's trade promotion operations. The program is held on a regular basis throughout the year with the goal of introducing Association members to large-scale and well-known businesses both inside and outside the Association to gain business experience and establish trade contacts.

Site Visit Program No. 01/2022 including speech from Chairman/General Director Bui Minh Luc

Hoa Binh Minh Group has grown from a small building materials shop in Yen Bai to a system of stores, dealerships, branches, and member companies in more than 30 cities and provinces across the country. Hoa Binh Minh has risen to become the Hoa Phat Group's No. 1 construction steel distributor; ranked Top 3 in the country in terms of travel car retail and services; the leading unit in the retail of motorcycles of all types and repair services; and ranked Top 5 in the country in terms of tile distribution. In 2021, the Group's income was 18,647 billion VND, creating stable jobs for 4,350 employees. A former young entrepreneur - Chairman/General Director Bui Minh Luc - Red Star Entrepreneur, Chairman of Yen Bai Young Entrepreneurs Association, Course II - was responsible for this success.

Hoa Binh Minh Group's Viet Tri Office

Hoa Binh Minh exemplifies a successful business model in terms of growth and development strategy. The members of HanoiBA focused their attention on Hoa Binh Minh's question "How to go from a young firm to a successful commercial and service model in Vietnam." Chairman/General Director Bui Minh Luc will reveal the answer at the April 15 ceremony.

According to HanoiBA, the Site Visit event No. 01/2022 is an opportunity for young firms to learn from a Red Star, a successful "Young Entrepreneur" in the marketplace, on how to promote growth, system development, and governance in the SME period. At the same time, this is an opportunity to make contacts and seek potential collaborations with the Hoa Binh Minh Group.