Updated: 9/9/2021 | 4:48:26 PM

Representatives from Hoa Binh Minh Trading Joint Stock Company and Hyundai Viet Tri dealership (part of the Hoa Binh Minh Automobile system) organized a ceremony on September 7, 2021 to hand over a well water system and ancillary works to Kim Thuong elementary school (Ha Bang hamlet, Kim Thuong commune, Tan Son district, Phu Tho). After four months of implementation, the project was completed.

Handover ceremony of Hyundai Viet Tri and Kim Thuong elementary school after four months of implementation of the well water system and ancillary works at the school

Representatives from the Hoa Binh Minh Trading Joint Stock Company and the Hyundai Viet Tri dealership were present at the handover event. Vice Principal Do Van Hao, teachers, and children from Ha Bang hamlet attended and received sponsored assets on behalf of Kim Thuong elementary school.


A well water system, a water tank, a concrete sidewalk, and a small yard were part of Hyundai Viet Tri's handover work to Kim Thuong elementary school, which costed over 60 million VND in total.

The total cost of the system was over 60 million VND

Kim Thuong Elementary School is nestled in the heart of Tan Son mountain and forest, surrounded by vast tea plantations and turquoise waterways. The terrain is tortuous and hazardous, and flooding is a common occurrence during the rainy season. Residents of Ha Bang highlands are not accustomed to using well water. As a result, each flood season has a serious impact on the school's and adjacent villages' water supply. A well water system and accompanying works are critical for the school's clean water supply.

beginning of the project four months ago

The completed works were handed over and put to use at the school

At the handover ceremony, Vice Principal, on behalf of the school leadership, thanked the Board of Directors of Hoa Binh Minh Trading Joint Stock Company and Hyundai Viet Tri dealership for their valuable and meaningful attention and support in helping the school perform better in education.

Thank-you letter of the Board of Directors of Kim Thuong elementary school

A Kim Thuong elementary school’s class

Kim Thuong elementary school, as well as many other schools in Ha Bang, needs assistance and cooperation in order to expand and provide a more conducive learning environment for both teachers and students.

Now that Ha Bang has completed its first well water project, teachers in the highlands of Phu Tho should feel confident to continue their career. At the same time, students and residents in the area will have access to clean water, allowing them to focus on their studies and achieve their goals.