Cập Nhật: 14/6/2021 | 1:38:19 PM

Recently, Honda Cars & Motorcycles Distributors across the country belonging to Hoa Binh Minh Group have been honored to receive a series of awards from the Honda Distributor Conference (May 25/May 25). 2021) and Honda Vietnam Company Customer Conference (May 28, 2021).

Accordingly, the distribution agents of Honda Cars & HEAD Motorcycles in the system of Hoa Binh Minh Group across the country have continuously received prestigious and proud awards. In which, HEAD Binh Minh #9 – Phu Tho was honored to be in the TOP 3 of the category “Best performing HEAD period 97”; 5 HEAD was in the Top 100 HEAD and in the Top 32 Companies with excellent performance in the 97th period.

In the list of awards of Honda Vietnam this time, "Top 2 HEAD with the best sales of Winner X cars in period 97" named HEAD Hoa Binh Minh #1 - Dong Nai. At the same time, HEAD Hoa Binh - Yen Bai with great efforts was named in the "Top 5 HEAD with breakthrough achievements in the 97th period".

Automotive industry has also excellently brought home great prizes at the "97Ki Distributor Conference", which is 4/10 best dealers in the country including: Honda Vinh Yen - Vinh Phuc (Top 4/10) ), Honda Automobile Binh Duong – Thuan An (Top 6/10); Honda Cars Phu Tho - Viet Tri (Top 7/10) and Honda Cars Kien Giang - Rach Gia (Top 9/10). Especially, Honda Auto Vinh Yen - Vinh Phuc excellently won 03 prizes: "Top 1/5 Excellent Honda Distributor 2H-97Ki"; “Top 4/5 Excellent Honda Distributor 97Ki” and “Top 2/3 Excellent Distributor in Safe Driving 2H-97Ki”.

In the category of individual awards, Honda Automobile Phu Tho - Viet Tri also proudly received "First Prize - Best Sales Consultant" and "First Prize - Safe Driving Instructor".

In the midst of the 4th outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is very complicated and dangerous, the "rain" of awards awarded by Honda to a series of Car & Motorcycle dealers of Hoa Binh Minh Group is the answer to the collective efforts during the past time. This is a proud result, of great significance to not only auto dealers, motorcycle HEADs, but also Hoa Binh Minh Group. In all objective difficulties, with the right leadership along with our unity and unremitting efforts, all challenges are meaningless.

Congratulations to the Group's Board of Directors and all employees of Hoa Binh Minh. Wish Hoa Binh Minh Group continue to maintain its good form and continue to achieve great results in all areas.

Communications Department